miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

Have a good summer!

Yesterday, we had our last lesson of AICLE program .

Firstly, our students completed an evaluation form, because it's very interesting to know their points of view about this program, as well as they could reflect about their own effort and implication during this time.

It has been a long school year, with a difficult timetable, but the general evaluation was positive. The third term has been very short, and full of extra activities (as the French Exchange, where more than a half of the class took part). The most valuable item of their evaluations has been the experience of communicating with San Francisco's School. They loved working with computers and playing games, too. But they didn't like activities more similar to their ordinary classes, as exercises, listenings or theory in general.

Parents evaluation is quite similar, but they are grateful for the effort and the opportunity for their sons to take part of this program.

Later, we were talking about plans for summer in a big round robin. There are several trips to the beach, to London, Amsterdam,.. even Australia!

And finally, we had a light lunch prepared by me, because I've been hearing from them all the year that they were very hungry, so I decided to give them a surprise. Here there are some photos

Pleased to meet you and see you soon!

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