martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Classroom language

Hi everybody!

Here we are again. Today we have talked about Classroom Language, i.e., the most common expressions we use during the class to greet, to ask for information, permission, etc...

We have played a game called "Find your pair". I had prepared fifteen sentences of Classroom Language, but divided in two parts. Everyone has received a part. They had to match the two parts of a sentence, asking for information to their partners. They have asked in English:
  • Tell me what your text is
  • Share your text with me
  • What is your text?
When they found their partners and they checked the sentence was right, they had to stick it on the wall. Here you have some photos of this moment (thanks Andrea, our photographer of today). Finally, we have read and explained the meaning of these sentences.

Today we have had enough time to start a second activity, we have started listening the definition of technology. But, it has been very short, and we 'll go on next week.

See you!

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