martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

Changing of topic: What is IT?

Hi everybody!!

Today we have had our fifth lesson!! Time runs faster and faster!
Firstly,we have reviewed what we learned last week: definition of technology (congratulations Marcio!) and the stages of technological process. We have put them in order (Congratulations Paula!), and read the description of each one. 
Then, we changed the topic and we started the unit related to IT.
Exactly, we're refering to Information Technologies.
We have brainstormed, saying all the English words the students remembered concerning this topic: computer games (of course!), hardware, software, windows, hard disk, operating system....They have realised that all the words could be classified in two groups (congratulations Paloma!): hardware (or physical objects) and software (programs).
Then I handed out a sheet (be careful with the pronunciation of this word!) of paper with an exercise to increase vocabulary related to parts of the computer, and they have to finish it  for next week (homework!!!)
Thanks Violeta, our photographer today!

And that's all folks!
See you next week.

Pd: oh, I near forgot. Next week I'm going to take your notebooks to make a term-report for your parents . You may use this blog to update them and don't forget to bring them next Tuesday.

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