jueves, 29 de junio de 2017

Cyclic Electromechanical Programmer School Year 2016-17

Once again, the school year ends. Congratulations to everybody for the effort to get to the end, and achieve their objectives.

This school year has been a bit different, because it has been the first year of 3rd of ESO 100% in English. That means a lot of opportunities: to develop English Language skills, to increase vocabulary, to challenge ourselves in our daily work...and why not, it means handicaps as well: less time for more contents, new way of teaching and learning, etc...Final result is absolutely satisfactory as the first step of a long way to improve and explore new possibilities of this subject.

Related to the workshop project, once again the lack of time has been the main handicap. The end of school year, with lots of interesting and funny activities to take part, added to the fact of the need of more time to explain the same contents in other language, have leaded to be the last two days finishing the projects in the workshop with a lot of stress. Nevertheless, just one group couldn't finish their project, so we can feel satisfied with the result.

Here you are the description of the main elements of projects of this year:

- Transmission of motion

Most of the groups used a simple worm gear system to reduce the speed of the electric motor

There were groups that added an extra reduction system to their projects to get more control to the final result

- Moveable element and switches

All the groups chose cans as moveable elements, and metal sheets as switches

- Receivers

This is the space for creativity!

- Airport

- Motorway with traffic signals

- Christmas house with garden

- Music stage

- Bus with traffic light

There were more examples, but I don't have photographs of them, because they finished in the last minute, but my congratulations to everybody. I am sure it has been a great experience of working together, in a common project and with a product to show and be proud of it.

Finally, here it is the video with some of the projects working. Despite all the problems it is necessary to face, everything is compensated by the feeling of seeing the project working

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