miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

The Elevator



  • Inventor: Elish Otis
  • Year: 1852.

  • Why did he invent the elevator?
In 1851 Waterman invented a forklift and Otis, inspired by that invention, created an elevator with a toothed system, which muffled the fall in case the cable of sustenance broke.

  • Improvements:
It improves the accessibility of elder and disabled people to their houses.
It increases the value of the housing.

  • Disadvantages:
It increases the maintenance costs.
Its installation is very expensive.
The movement of the elevator and the opening of the door produces noises.

Naiara Suarez & Sara Escudero

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  1. chulisímo chicas, está muy currado!!!

  2. chulisímo chicas, está muy currado!!!

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