jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

The printer


Inventor: Johannes Gutenberg

Year: 1437                

Resultado de imagen de johannes gutenbergImprovements:       
      -Copies faster than by hand    -Copies many in a short time
-Distribute to more people.

Resultado de imagen de imprenta gutenberg
-It takes up a lot of space.
-It is expensive
-It has a risk of banding

Created by Daniel Carindatoiu and Ander Gabarrus

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  1. Good work
    The big improvement of the printer is that allowed the information to reach more people.
    Where is the reference? Remember to cite the source of information
    The format of the post could be improved: the same type of font, the same size, and to take out this white background by typing again the text instead of copying from the text document.