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JOSEPHINE COCHRANE: the dishwasher

Resultado de imagen de josephine cochrane

Josephine Cochrane was born in Astibula county,Ohio,U.S.A.,
 the 8/03/1839.

Husband: William Cochran
Josephine's children: Hallie Cochran and Katherine Cochran
Josephine' parents: Irene Fitch Garis and John Garis
Sister:Irene Garis Ramson

She grew up in Valparaiso, Indiana (U.S.A.). She studied in a private school until it got burn.
Later, Josephine moved to Illinois and she got married with William Cochran. When William
was 45, he died, and because of that, she changed her surname adding an "E".

She died in Chicago, U.S.A. the 3/!0/1913. 

Resultado de imagen de dishwasher of cochraneJoe Houghton designed a dishwasher that worked due to the movement of a handle.
In 1860 L.A. improved the device, these were particularly effective.
Josephine designed the first model of her dishwasher on the hut of her home. George butters,
a mechanic, helped her with the construction.

To make it, she measured plates and cups, then, she designed its compartments and, 
finally, she introduced an engine which moved the mechanism. This dishwasher was the first one 
that use pressure water.

She showed her invention at "The Universal Exhibition of Chicago" in 1893, and it won the price of 
"The best mechanical construction, durable and adapted to the pace of work"
Her factory business began in 1897.
It was an innovative invention that had many reputation and it influenced a lot in that time

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