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Katherine Blodgett: non reflecting glass

Katherine Blodgett
Resultado de imagen de katherine blodgettBiography
She was born in January 10th 1898 in Schenectady, New York.
Her father was shot just before she was born by a thief who broke in the house. And in 1901, the family moved to France.
They went back to Schenectady in 1912, then, she matriculated in a private school.
She went to college on Chicago, and did her thesis about gas masks, and that document was published on the Physical Review magazine. In 1926 she got her PhD.
Finally, she started working in General Electrics (the same company her father worked in) on the scientific research department. There, she worked with mono molecular covers for surfaces 
didn't reflected as many light as normal glass.
During her life, she registered 10 inventions and published 30 scientific papers. 
She died in October 12th 1979 in Schenectady New York.

Non reflecting glass
Non reflecting glass is normal glass treated with the process Katherine invented in General Electrics.
This glass does not reflect light, so it's really confortable to make things you have to look throught with this material (lens: glasses, telescopes, microscopes...).

In this picture, we see that the glasses above are not treated, but the glasses under them are, and we can see throught much better.


By Marcelo and Lucia

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