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MARGARET KNIGHT: Paper bag machine


She was born in 1838 in the United States,a 14 of February.The people called her "The inventor woman" more famous of XIX century.

She travelled to Manchester to live there she left the school when she was 12 years old to work in a cotton mill.She saw an accident in the mill.

She had health problems at 20 years old and she can´t continue in the factory.
She had some works  of photographer,recorder...
When she worked in a factory of paper bags,she patented a lot of things:

-Improvement in paper feeding machine.
Resultado de imagen de margaret knight-Numbering mechanism.
-Window frame with sash.
-Compound rotary engine.
-Rotary engine.
-Automatic tool for boring or planning concave or cylindrical surfaces.
-Internal comustion engine.

She never got married.She was awarder because of her inventions with the condecoration of the royal legion of honor by Queen Victoria on 1871.
She died the 12th of october of 1914 at 76 years old.
Resultado de imagen de margaret knight paper bag


The machine and the paper bag had been patented by Francis wall called "the king of paper". They where narrow tubes with flt V-shaped bottom.
Knight´s idea was mechanize the manufacturing process.The machine folded the bags at the moment,acquired amplitude,better usability and a bottom to stay erect.
When she go went to present the invention was rejected,other man had the patent for a similar machine.At the end they gave him the patent thanks to the prototipe that she had and the invention was improved.



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