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Martha Coston - The maritime flare

M A R T H A    C O S T O N

B i o g r a p h y 

Martha Coston was born on 12th December 1826 in Baltimore, Maryland and the 9th July 1904 she died because of aging. She was an important inventor in the maritime world - she invented the maritime flare.

First, Martha met a young inventor called Benjamin Franklin, and they soon fell in love with each other. Later, at the age of 14, Martha got married with the 19-year-old boy. After this, they had four children. And desfortunately, Benjamin died very early - when Martha was 21.

After this tragedy, this young woman, her mother and her children moved to another city. Again, another tragedy happened, her mother and two of her children died.

I n v e n t i o n

This woman was without money when she decided to resume her husband's investigation that was to find something to use in case of aid in the sea - he did some plans with graphics and signals. She made those signals more intense and lasting. So finally, she got  the maritime flare.

As a matter fact, when the Titanic sank, the flares were thrown to the sea, but there was a problem: if they had thrown the red flares instead of the white ones, they would have alerted the nearest vessel, and they could have rescued the people inside the Titanic, so the flare could have saved hundreds of lifes.

Another important highlight in Martha's life was in the second Word War. Then, she did a lot to mobilize the resources of the Republic to help the Soviet Union against the Nazi Germany.

So Martha was a good inventor, but she also was a very good person, who helped a lot.

By Ana Perigot and Elena Mocé.

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