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PASTY O'CONNELL SHERMAN: Scotchgard protect



Resultado de imagen de patsy o'connell shermanPasty O'Connell Sherman was born on 15th September 1930 in Minneapolis. She studied in Gustavus Adolphus College. According to the results of her tests, people thought that she must be a housewife. She asked to do the tests for boys and that results showed that she was really good in science. 

Later she became a chemist and joined to a company called 3M. In 1952 she co-invented Scothgard with Samuel Smith. They received their first prize together in 1972. Along her life she received seventeen prizes, thirteen of them shared with Samuel. Pasty worked for forty years in 3M and she was a managerial in the company. 

In 1992 she stopped working. Pasty married and had two daughters who loves the science too. One of them is a chemist and the other is a biologist. Pasty died on 11th February 2008 in Minnesota.


Resultado de imagen de scotchgardPasty was in a proyect to discover a resistant rubber material to the deterioration of plane fuel;but instead of this she discovered a new fluorochemical compounds.

In 1956 3M company took to the market "scotchgard protect".It's a polymer that repels spots and water in waves. This product makes a invisible obstacle which protects it from possible spots, it keeps the same waves's properties,and it's ordoress and particular because is the only one that resists oil spots. When some liquid falls down but there is scotchgard you can clean it with a towel and without leaving remains.

Blanca López and Tania Azabal, 3ºC

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