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Tabitha Babbitt: The Circular Saw

                          tabitha babbitt 

Tabitha babbitt was born on December 9 , 1779 in Hardwich , Massachusetts and she died on December 10 , 1853 in Harvard  Massachusetts.

Daughter of Seth and Elisabeth Babbit who were members of Shakers comunity.

She was a weaver and member of the community .

She invented the spinning wheel , false teeth and the most importantly the circular saw. 

One day while she was weaving she saw two man cutting wood and she realized that half of his moves were wasted.

three years later in 1813 she made a circular saw this saw was connected to a water powered machine to reduce the effort of cutting wood.

But she didn't legalize a man did it so there are assumptions that she didn't make it .

Thanks to the invention of the circular saw made the trade much easier.

who were the Shakers : it was a religious community and pioneer 


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